Take Your Best Shot

Action 1995 Windows 7th Level Humorous

Screen savers and minigames collection, Monty Python inspired

The British humor that Monty Python brought to the ramp was a very original mix of gags, of dry humor, or a kind a humor based on wordplay, while also hardly anchored in the realities of the time. Still, to this day, that kind of brand of humor lives on, and, what's more, bright ideas of that school of humor made their way in digital creations as well, as is the case with this collection of minigames, interactive experiences and plain screensavers. Granted, this collection was intended for Windows 3.1, and, so, unless you work your magic (DosBox with Win 3.1 installed!) you won't be able to fully appreciate it. So, in terms of content you get a couple of politician themed (British politicians of the early 90s) exploding heads, a few interactive pieces of software that are controlled via keyboard presses and that's pretty much it. So, I'd say, if you can still rock a 3.1 version of Windows, while also being a Monty Python fan, this can be a great bundle for you. Else, Mad Dog McCree might be an adventure rail shooter with that kind of humor, to try.

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