Armored Fist

Simulation 1994 Dos Dosbox NovaLogic War

Very fun, but not very realistic

Armored Fist is a fun tank simulation game that is not as high in realism as it is high in great fun and amazing visuals. True tank sim games will do well to stay away for the game unless they are up for some midnless action and fun - the tank's gadget mostly don't mean a thing and are there just for cosmetic purposes. The control system is also pretty arcade style. Well, no matter, because the fun of the game comes much from the insane graphics and action it provides. You can play as the Americans or Russians in this game and the objective is pretty much typical - extinguish the enemy and become victorious. You will have a lot of work to do and mostly won't have the time to think about the game's quality - you will too much immersed into how to blow up the next enemy and save your skin. There are a few realistic features, though - you have to watch that you have fuel and that are equipped with ammo. The game's graphics are very, very advanced for the time, with amazing detail and smooth texture, and that really adds to the game's enjoyment. If it were any less good, the game would immediately be put into mediocrity. The audio is also very good and detailed. With all that combined, we get a very fun arcade action game that plays at being a sim rather poorly, but does a great job in providing action and a lot of enjoyment. If you liked the game, check out it's sequel, Armored Fist 2.

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