World Racing 2

Racing 2005 Windows Synetic GmbH Car simulation Gran Turismo

Let's race!

The original World Racing was a fine piece of driving action that focused exclusively on Mercedes cars and which is worth a closer inspection, especially if you're a fan of the manufacturer. This sequel improves on most elements, not least of which is the ability to now drive cars from seventeen different companies, which now makes it a whole lot more interesting. The main focus here is on the career mode, which offers well over a hundred races to try out and which take you all around the world to some pretty exotic locations. There's a wide range of cars to get behind the wheel of too, including Alfa Romeo and Morgan, and which can be unlocked by completing races and earning Speedbucks. This can also be invested in upgrading your rides with stickers, rims and so on, while the game features a pretty detailed and realistic physics and damage system, so you'd better watch out on the roads. Extra challenge is added by the inclusion of oncoming traffic, while the computer opponents are also prety smart, so there's some longevity to be found here. For the most part, this is a pretty decent little racer. It doesn't try to do anything new with the genre, so don't expect anything radical here, but within the limits, it performs admirably enough. There are plenty of cars and tracks to keep you going, while the customization options add more depth, and the visuals are for the most part attractive, with a good sense of speed. This perhaps isn't for the hardcore race fan, but for an exciting and entertaining ride, this fits the bill.

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