Tear Down the Wall

Arcade 1990 Dos Langin Software Strategic scope ASCII based

Another brick in the wall

Tear Down the Walls is a pretty simple little puzzler which is a sort of two player take on the classic Tetris formula but without the block manipulating. Instead, it offers a fairly thoughtful contemplative experience which revolves around predicting where things are going to fall. It's unfortunately only able to be played against the computer but if you are looking for some solo action, it's worth a look. The game presents you with a wall, as per the title, which is made up of a series of bricks, again as you would expect, given that it is a wall. The game proceeds in turn-based fashion, with each player getting to remove a brick from the wall before play passes to the other one. When you take away a brick, any brick on top is also removed and which awards you with points. The more bricks you remove, the more points you get and whoever has the most when they're all gone is the winner, simple as that. Tear Down the Wall is almost a classic puzzler and it's only really the lack of two-player option that holds it back from a true great. As with most early puzzlers, it's not exactly the most visually impressive game, being simply made up of very crude line drawing-style representations of the bricks and little else. However, as with all the best puzzle games like Klax and so on, this isn't really a problem as it is the gameplay which is the star here. It's a game which requires some thought and care in order to win and the computer puts up a pretty decent fight so if you are looking for an entertaining diversion, this is a good choice.

This is a fun ASCII game

I tried this when I was very young, like around 10-11. It is a very addicting game and its rules are very simple to understand. It certainly doesn't have all the modern graphics technology that keeps us so hooked on games today, but if you appreciate ye olde DOS games where you actually have to think instead of shoot, this might keep you entertained at least for an hour or two. Note that the computer AI is very simplistic and it only selects a brick by choosing the one with the biggest score - whether or not that leaves you an even bigger opportunity to score or not (it does not check) - so keeping that in mind is the best way to beat the computer in this game.

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