Arcade 1992 Dos ALO-Software ASCII based

Ice can be treacherous, but you have to keep mid center!

Iceman is a game that translates skating down into an arcade challenge; what you end up doing is trying to keep a line away from the walls. This line will wobble around, so you have to keep it steady by telling it to either go left or right, to compensate. The speed you have increases over time, and also, the lateral walls within which you have to always stain inside can change around, moving left or right. Thus, this is a game of focus and also a game where you need to have some luck. The gameplay, very simple as it is, can only work to cut your stress levels only for so long, after which it kind of becomes a chore all in itself. So, with that in mind, Iceman is best played in short bursts; play a track, see how many points you can get and then forget about it for a while. It can offer you a few fun moments, but you have to give it time to breathe and turn back to it only after you've given it some space. A similar game can be Snake, if you want to control lines in a confined space. Though, certainly, this one is much more complex and a game less influenced by the whims of randomness!

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