Ten Nights of Killing and Mayhem at F.J.B. II

RPG 1996 Windows Little Devils Organized Forces

Offbeat and enjoyable strategy game

If you're a fan of games with bizarre titles, then this has to be worth a look for that reason alone. However, if you go beyond the name, you'll find an inventive, witty and entertaining little romp that offers plenty of entertainment. The game can loosely be described as turn-based strategy mixed with RPG elements as well as aspects of games like X-Com and Laser Squad, in that it focuses on squad-level combat. The twist here is that instead of controlling soldiers or robots, you have under your command a group of students out to stop a demonic principal from taking over the world. This translates in a game of turn-based strategy as players create and control their teams of students and send them into the school, exploring its halls and engaging in combat with the evil teachers who are roaming around. As a concept, this is a neat spin on a traditional genre, and it is this quality which provides much of the game's appeal. The humour and story keep players interested by the sheer virtue of their uniqueness. The gameplay too is generally strong, with the various teachers being quite distinct in their combat abilities and which provide some challenge. However, the early levels are pretty easy but frustrating as they take a long time to get through due to your characters' lack of weapons. Once you hit the later levels, things become more interesting however, so perseverance is vital here. The graphics are petty crude but there is an appropriately ridiculous atmosphere on display which helps you to overlook this, with the humour adding to the appeal. If you're after something a little unusual and offbeat, then this is definitely worth checking out.

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