RPG 1986 Dos Loriciels Medieval

Impressive given it s been developed by a one man team only!

If you've ever doodled in the era where you had to do it on paper, and had an interest in Sci Fi or in fantasy realms, then you'll feel right at home in Tera La Cite des cranes. Although it ultimately is a teenager's work, it sure is more original or rather, more interesting and fresh a take then what could be achieved by multifaceted teams over the course of years. It combines space exploration with RPG bits in the style of matchbox figures men, and the coolest thing is the style of all these elements, while minimalist, is very personal, and very enjoyable. You'll play it just to see how the next character or creature looks like, and the encounters are always cool in some little way, as you can see this is a fan's work through. Naturally, the polish is not at its highest, the fights can either be very hard or almost not worth bothering with, but ultimately it's a sweeter game than a dozen other games produced by committee. (and, unfortunately, in French exclusively, so either learn it, know it before hand, or just ignore the dialogues, it can be played that was as well!). One of the Wizardry titles might make a good alternative, though that young enthusiasm will be a bit lost with it...

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