Battle Bugs

Strategy 1994 Dos Dosbox Epyx Organized forces

The war of ants and other critters!

This game features no less than 22 different types of critters, all warmongering (!) all real time based (with the possibility of toggling pauses on and off, to give you time to take decisions). The best part is that the maps are household type items, such as tables, corners of buildings, piles of junk and other such funny small places, where the insects fight for domination! Now, the game is pretty cool, in that it allows you controls all of those movements with ease, and it puts them in fighting mode in no less than 56 missions. The number of maps is not that high though, but it is sufficiently diverse. The balancing of the RTS units is one to one; that means that for every insect type of unit, there is an exactly the same unit; same speed, same range, same weaponry. This means that after a while, no matter what critter bunch you play with, the game stays pretty much the same. So, give this one a go, it will definitely not disappoint. The AI is smart, well coordinated, and depending on the difficulty level, you can be sure that you will get a whole load out of it. So, download it, it won't disappoint, of that you can be sure. Else, download Hogs of War, which this time pits pigs against one another, to great effect.

Bug war!

Battle Bugs is a fascinating and humorous game that takes the strategy game to a whole new hilarious level. In this great game, you are in charge of an army of ants and other household insects and you are on war terms with another tribe of insects. You have to organize your troops into logical arrangement and fight the holy war on tables, floors, chairs, and other places in the house, unbeknownst to the humans residing there. Extremely hilarious and fantastic fun! The decor and design of the "battlefields" are highly imaginative and look absolutely fantastic, combined with the beautiful coloring that give the game a fun, cartoonish look and wacky atmosphere. The controls and interface are both relatively simple and easy to handle with, and the game's not too easy so you won't get bored easily. This is definitely a game that all children will love and adore, and many a grown up will also spend hours lovingly playing this game and laughing and smiling at the cool animation, funny designs and much, much more. Very lovable! If you are interested in more cool games by Sierra, try The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain, a very fun and educational game.

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