Battle For Atlantis

Strategy 1990 Dos Dosbox Soleau Software Board games

RISK by any other name...!

Battle For Atlantis is a simple, straightforward wargame, where you get a map of continents, with the borders diving the entire thing up, and, then, on top of each country, you get numerical indicators that represent your forces, and colors that represent the power which controls that area. Therefore, Battle For Atlantis is a wargame that is just as simple as RISK, but we all know how satisfying such a game can be! Graphically, like I said, it's all about simplicity. The color of the map, the borders and the numbers and colors that tell you which bit belongs to who, is what it's all about. Also, the game's other menus are minimalistic, offering you the info or the options you were looking for, regarding sound, starting a new game, the number of powers you're going to battle against, etc. Overall I can't help but recommend this game, for RISK fans, that want just another flavor for the game, in terms of setting, but don't want to have to deal with more difficult rule sets or unwieldy economic simulations on top of it all. So, that's where Battle For Atlantis is at: simple, well produced, just a tad dated graphically, but playable and fun.

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