Ace Ventura

Adventure 1996 Windows 7th Level Third Person Cartoon

Alrighty then!

Ace Ventura became massively popular when Jim Carrey played the famous pet detective on the big screen. This computer game is also a (somewhat) failed attempt to bring people closer to the franchise. This time, the pet detective has to travel all over the world in search of a lost animal. Personally, I'm not into that kind of ridiculous humor so I didn't find the game funny at all. The humor is pretty primitive and lame, and sometimes I would let out a little giggle or smirk when something was so ridiculous that it wasn't anything BUT funny. I would say that the game is mostly aimed at children, because the gameplay is too easy to be challenging for adults. And they are probably pretty the only ones that would think all that funny. The art and design are top quality, though. The cartoonish design and animation are very convincing and the voice acting is splendidly done. The gameplay, though.. Not so much. So, maybe you should give your kid this game to play, but for you.. If you're already into cartoonish games, go for Comix Zone. Now that's a great adventure game.

Annoying adventure

Just about everything in this game is annoying and a big let-down for adventure game fans and fans of the Ace Ventura movie. There's nothing to let you know that you can click on something when you scroll your mouse over it, and when you do click on things, a small animation will happen just for the sake of there being an animation which might be perfect if you have the attention span of a goldfish, or if you need something to distract yourself from the fact that you're playing an awful game...

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