Congo Bongo

Action 1984 Dos Dosbox SEGA Humorous Platformer

You will love this platformer

It is a very fun and diverse platform arcade game which SEGA games lover would really love. The first prime feature in this game is the great gaming engine which provides a very easy and fun gameplay. The plot in the game is that Bongo who is a gorilla will be playing as a very innocent hunter in the game who will run, climb and jump his way out in the viscous jungle while surviving different animals. They introduction in the game has been given by sliding animations of different screens. The game lacks behind in terms of the graphics because it only supports a 4 color CGA palette which does not allow the gamer to easily predict the distances present between different objects and there are no animation whatsoever. However, you will love the way the character jumps, climbs and run because the transitions in the movements are very smooth and the controls work very good with the flow of the characters. You will counter a good variety of objects and will have to collect different items on your way through. The designs of the levels are though different but the lack of color combinations makes them lack behind. However it is very addictive and competes the likes of Decap Attack.

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