The Hound of Shadow

Adventure 1989 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Horror

Horrifying adventure with ordinary graphics

The game is an average game which is full of adventure and is based on a novelistic theme. The plot is that your adventure in this game is filled with some physic enemies and some very strange encounters such as horrific nightmares. The adventure element in the game is going through all these situations and figuring out what's going on what needs to be done. Every new encounter that you will face in this game will have its own dynamics and will make you counter some surprise elements. It though cannot scare the shit out of you but is horrific enough to give you some worms in the stomach. The theme is black and white but they have not managed it well because of the inferior graphics that the game has. The writing that this game has is pretty much above average and the parser is much robust. All the puzzles in the game have a horror theme because of the plots and can keep you glued to the screen for hours and hours. The gameplay also works fine but the lack in the graphics is a great lag in the game. Overall it is a good fun and horror and especially for the children. Similarly, The Lurking Horror is another fantastically made horror adventure.

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