Dracula in London

Adventure 1988 Dos Dosbox SDJ Enterprises Myth and legend Horror

Modeled as a boardgame; find Dracula in London

Because of his many enemies (or his love for eloping to extravagant locales!) Dracula has retreated in London! But, because nobody can suffer Dracula taking a break from being a mean, sun hating individual, you are tasked with finding him. You have the entire of London, delivered board game boar style, with staples of the London architecture plastered on top of that boar. You can choose to go to any place but wherever you go a puzzle styled little bit of forensic investigation will have to be pursued. Yes, it's more like a puzzle game with the puzzles being linked to one another by your moving about on the top down board. You will also get quite a few bits of equipment, to make you into a real vampire hunter, and also, you have to pay attention to the time of day (or night) in game. Overall it is a sufficiently polished game, wit a lot of elements that are stolen from the original Bram Stoker novel, which will please the fans, but ultimately it is a game that suffers from low replayability. Download Dracula in London (Windows) for better compatibility. This version instead, works mostly with Win 3.1 operating systems.

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