The Mystery of the Druids

Adventure 2001 Windows Global Software Mystery Point and click Detective mystery


Adventure fans who enjoy the likes of Broken Sword, Tex Murphy and Jack Orlando would be well advised to check out this unusual offering. It's entirely lacking in arcade or action elements, making it perfect for those who like to exercise their brains rather than their trigger fingers, while it also packs in some interesting puzzles and an original storyline. You find yourself in control of a Scotland Yard detective who is on the trail of a vicious murderer who leaves his victims brutally dismembered. The first man thought to be the killer was executed years ago but when the killings start again, it falls to you to find the real culprit and ensure that justice is finally done. What follows is an intriguing third-person adventure where you must investigate the various crime scenes, examining evidence, interrogating suspects and witnesses and generally piecing things together. The story starts out traditionally enough but as the title suggests, things get more complex pretty quickly and indeed the narrative is one of the key elements to enjoy here. It's a well written tale that is worthy of crime TV show, with heaps of twists and turns, red herrings and plenty of suspense. THis latter aspect is aided by the generally fine visuals which do a good job of bringing the creepier parts of the story to life with some atmospheric environmental design work. The puzzles are well integrated into the story so they feel like a real part of the game, rather than just being tacked on, and overall this makes for a fine adventure.

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