Mystery of the Mummy!

Adventure 1988 Dos Dosbox Time Warp Software Mystery First person

Early 18th century set adventure, atmospheric and fun

Here's an interesting premise: a mummy was lost or stolen from Hamburg. It needs to be found and brought back to the museum it was stolen from in no more than 5 days. And so, you are tasked with a series of puzzles that will put you in the shoes of a budding detective. The interaction are those of classic puzzler adventure games, set in 2D set pieces. In there you will have to locate clues and objects, to locate such elements, to combine things in your inventory and to interrogate people about. The game is really atmospheric creating a very believable 1912's experience, the time in which the game is set into. Graphically, as I said the game is very quality oriented, with a style that is tributary to the gazette cutouts of the early 1900s, while offering you the same sepia tones and other such atmospheric details. So, if that kind of an experience is what you seek to uncover, you will certainly find it in this game here, esthetically, language wise, in terms of your tools as an investigator. Really well produced, no questions about it. Play it along with the rotoscoped beauty that is The Last Express. Both are great and evocative of a long past time, worth for lovers of early 18th century locales.

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