The Settlers 2 Gold Edition

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A great game made better!

If the idea of The Settlers series, with its blend of empire building, casual strategy and occasional bouts of combat have ever appealed to, then this Gold Edition of the second game in the franchise is a must play. Even if you have played the game, which is arguably the best one in the series, then there is still plenty to interest you as there is bunch of new content to explore and which breathes life in a classic. If you've never played the game, it's basically a strategy sim where you build and develop your city, making use of various workers and their unique skills to construct new buildings, which then opens up even more skills. The game requires plenty of resource management, with things like harvesting and efficient transport networks key to your success, while the other settlers out in the wilderness will also come into your growing empire, which is where the combat comes in. In addition to the base game, which is enjoyable enough by itself, this edition adds in The Mission CD, which was a standalone release that brought in a new campaign story as well as some new maps, as well as a nice bonus in the form of a full world atlas. However, the big draw is the inclusion of over a hundred fan-made custom maps which were the victors in a competition held by the developers and which provide some new clever and inventive ways in which to enjoy the game. Even without the extras, The Settlers 2 is a great little strategy sim, which mixes in elements of SimCity, Civilization and other such releases to create a highly replayable game. However, their addition just makes a good game even better and as such this should definitely be on your list of things to check out.

The same game, now with infinite playability

The Settlers series has truly established their place in the strategy game community. The Settlers II was a great game and the Gold Edition is the expansion, or rather a re-release of the game with improved graphics and new features. So, in the addition to the original game, you get a new "Unlimited Play" option with 30 new maps for you to play against six other opponents. You also receive a great map editor to make the number of maps nearly countless, and also a base for making hunderds, if not thousands of fan made maps to download from the Internet. So, these little features make you have a game that you can play for years without getting bored (Just like in Heroes of Might and Magic III, another fantastic strategy game). The game also offers higher resolution, making the game look truly fantastic. This is an awesome have for Settlers fans and for new players this is a better and improved way to play this fantastic strategy game. I am sure that, years from now, you will still be playing this game in all kinds of maps and that the game will go on strong for a long, long, time. A truly great addition!

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