Warcraft Battle Chest

Strategy 1996 Windows Blizzard Organized forces Real time Medieval

The original and best?

If you're a new fan of Warcraft or have never played anything from the series and are curious about how the whole thing kicked off, then this Battle Chest is the perfect way to satisfy your curiosity. It contains the first three games in the series, the original Warcraft: Orcs & Humans plus the sequel Warcraft 2 and the first expansion pack, Beyond the Dark Portal. Fortunately, all the three offerings still stand up well today and there's much fun to be had here, making this a great choice for retro fans. The first game introduces us to the Warcraft universe and although at this point it's very much a standard fantasy world, there are still lots of original ideas to be seen. Here you can play as either Humans or Orcs in a pair of extensive campaigns in what is a now very familiar RTS setting. The sequel brings in new elements like sea and air battles as well as a scenario editor while the expansion pack offers more single player campaigns and new hero units, although no new stanard units. As a collection, there's no denying this offers a lot of value. There's plenty of fun to be had just with the first game and it remains a fine example of the RTS genre. The sequel improves on most aspects, with more challenging and varied missions and better visuals, while the expansion of the lore is also much appreciated. The expansion pack is perhaps the weakest game here but still remains a lot of fun so really, if you have any interest in RTSs or Warcraft in general, you really should add this to your collection.

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