Ultima 7: Forge of Virtue

RPG 1992 Dos Dosbox ORIGIN Systems Isometric Fantasy

An expansion that made the vanilla version even sweeter

The Ultima series has seen a lot of abysmal games in its long history, a lot of nasty, ugly, hard to play messy games. A few however managed to overcome the Lord British curse and to shine with palatable stories, good graphics and great game mechanics. Among these is Ultima 7, especially once the Forge of Virtue expansion was added.I would argue that Forge of Virtue makes Ultima 7: The Black Gate into what it was. There were content additions that smoothed out a lot of pathways that were not explored. That is true both for dialogue, for the way certain quests develop and so on.But Forge of Virtue, along with getting rid of some bugs also adds a lot more content. The Forge of Virtue is a game add-on that will give you a novel and quite chunky new bit of game to enjoy. In classic Lord British fashion, you will have to begin the game from the start to experience the content, but, you won't regret it. There are changes that the add-on does right from the beginning. Ultima 7 along with the Forge of Virtue add-on turns into an even more interesting game, with better quests, a more powerful weapon that will help you get through battles faster and also an innovative series of mini-games/tests. But you need to play to find out more about these!

A must RPG

You can finish Ultima 7 in less than three hours if you stick to the main quest. But the game drags you in so deep that you'll be doing every single subquest whithout even notice it. The story goes something like this: you play the rol of the Avatar, Champion of Britania for a long time. Something is happening to the Land where Lord British (an old friend of yours) rule. You've been summoned, but not by his doing. But still, he is greatfully for your arrival. A murder took place, magic is dying, and the people is llosing their faith in the old traditions... So now you'r off trying to uncover who called upon you, and why, and to discover all the wrongs in the land that so many times you saved.

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