Thinkin' Things Collection 3

Puzzle 1995 Dos Edmark Corporation Brainteaser Math or logic

Puzzle bundle that takes itself a bit too seriously!

We can think whatever we want about edutainment, but one think is for sure, edutainment bundles or games that like to preach and to pat themselves on the back on how creative and smart they are, do not really make it through! At least not in my book! Well, this collection of logical puzzles thinks itself way smarter than many others, and I think that is a bit off putting, in the way that nobody like someone who likes to boast and to gloat over their achievements. But, no matter what, this game has it going for itself in just the same way that the Millie's Math House used to do it, only that it thinks itself smarter just because it uses a more mature graphical setup. So, overall, the game here is a really interesting one, with puzzles that combine matt with pure logic puzzles and with a few action packed minigames that are still built on logic thinking. At any rate, I'd rather you made your own mind about this game here, all I'm going to say I that it is sure worth a go, but I still wish it didn't look itself up as above the rest of the crowd.

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