Diamond Balls 3

Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox H. Wilhelm Arcade style

A ball of destruction and...different colors!

This game is similar to Breakout, but the control paddle, with which you shoot balls around is no more. Instead, you control the ball's movement and bouncing, by choosing to offer it a left or a right alignment, and thus direct the ball to bounce in whatever direction you want. The levels are maze like and your goal is to destroy the colored bricks that each level is made up of. However, before you can attempt to destroy a brick, you have to make sure that your ball (diamond) is the color of the brick you're destroying. To change the color of the ball you have to direct it to special balls that will change it's color, while avoiding death bricks or some other bricks that don't have a positive effect on you. Overall, Diamond Balls 3 is a cool puzzle action game, which has simple yet good looking 2D 8bit style graphics, and numerous levels. So give it a try, it's surely worth a look. Another cool thing about the game, is the way the ball moves, depending on the way you tap the controls: it's quite hard to learn to specifically let go of the control when it needs to but learning is fun!

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