X²: The Threat

Action 2003 Windows Aspyr Media Science Fiction Adventure Simulation Strategy Sci fi

Take out the threat

This is the follow up to the superb X: Beyond the Frontier and the prequel to X3: Reunion and like its fellow titles, it's a great bit of space adventuring. Taking ideas from classics like Elite, X-Wing and Privateer, it mixes them all together in one big, ambitious bit of sci-fi heaven that deserves to be played. In many ways, this is similar to other genre examples, and sees you following a fairly enthralling story as you explore a massive universe, choosing your path as you fly. It's all fairly open ended, and you can fly how you want, trading, smuggling or stealing as you see fit. You've got a wide range of ships to choose from, items to upgrade them with, goods to buy or smuggle, plus a whole heap of missions which will let you explore the wonders of the galaxy. There is an overarching storyline to follow which, although it's not terribly original, is well enough done that you can overlook any deficiencies in this department. X2 really is a little corker of a game. If you are looking for a new space adventure, then this should be top of your list. It's got some surprisingly good graphics for a fairly low budget and little known game, with a wide range of slick spaceship designs to enjoy and some nice space effects. The missions are pretty varied and will keep you entertained whether you're trading or fighting, while the open-endedness of the game is a huge draw, as you really can play however you want. It's also a decent sized game so you can expect to be playing for some time, so give this one a whirl if you're looking for a new long-term friend.

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