Tinker Tales

Puzzle 1984 Dos Compu-Teach Education

A fairy tale adventure

If you're looking for a bit of electronic entertainment to keep the very wee ones quiet just before bedtime, then Tinker Tales could be just what you're looking for. As one of the oldest interactive storybooks, it's looking a little dated and rough around the ears, but it's still pretty magical stuff and is almost certain to capture the hearts of those who experience it. There are three stories on offer here, all heavily leaning towards female independence, so if you've got girls this is most definitely one for them. The stories are not your usual type of fairy stories and are actually surprisingly well written, full of surprises, twists, turns, heroes and villains. There are plenty of memorable characters and some wonderfully descriptive scenes which really bring this fairy tale world to life, making this a good bet if you're got fed up with reading the same old stories over and over again. There's also some simple visuals which help create even more atmosphere but what really helps Tinker Tales stand out is the gameplay which, although revolving around pressing the spacebar to advance, includes scenes with multiple options, and which force the reader to consider their actions carefully. This also encourages replay so you can go back and see how the other choices play out. It might not exactly be Zork but considering the target market this is aimed at, the choices here and pleasingly complex and will certainly provide food for thought for the young and young at heart. If you're looking for something a little unusual for the younger gamer in the house, check this one out.

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