Puzzle 1983 Dos Spinnaker Education

Fun computer-based learning

This is a very early example of edutainment which, despite its crude appearance, actually makes for an experience which is both entertaining and educational in fairly equal measure. This one is aimed at 3 to 6 year olds and is aimed at getting kids to practice their reading and counting skills while playing a selection of minigames. There are six such games on offer here, these being Draw, Scribble, Names, Sequence, Letters and Match. Draw for example simply requires the player to sketch out various shapes and fill them in with color, while Sequence presents them with a sequence of numbers which must then be completed by adding in the correct answer. Match sees the player given a shape and they must then choose the one which matches it in order to progress to the next one, while letters requires the player to find a given letter on the keyboard and which proves to be quite a handy way to introduce kids to keyboard skills. While the games on display here are nothing spectacular, when taken in consideration of the target audience, they make for a pretty decent selection of learning tools. Despite the game's age, the presentation is surprisingly decent, with plenty of colors (at least, as many as were available in 1983) which make the game pleasing to the eye, while the controls are easy to pick up as you would expect. The games themselves are nicely varied and help to develop a selection of skills, making this a good bet for when you want your youngsters to progress in general, rather rather games which help specific skills such as Learn about Fractions. All in all, this is fun and useful little title to explore.

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