To Serve and To Protect

Strategy 1994 Dos Vivid Software God game or micromanagement Organized forces

Be a police chief!

To Serve and To Protect is a combination of gameplay elements, some that will remind you of a simulation/strategy while some others will remind you more of an adventure game. But, all in all, the combination of both of them works wonders for this game, to create a playable police department simulation/adventure game. You will have to serve and protect a city that is ridden with very nasty criminals, but, as you'll soon find out, a lot of a policeman's job revolves around bureaucratic activities! Nope, if you wanted a Rambo like game, this one will certainly not be to your liking, because none of that is to be found in here. Instead, you can see your city, as if it were a Sim City simulation, and you can see what citizen are complaining about. Then, you have to worry about budgets, budget distribution, about how many street police officers you have and so on! Yep, it's trivial, the work of a police chief, but when it works it sure is worth it! But, other than that, as far as economic and management games go, it is a good one. Sure, it looks a bit underwhelming, but it's playable, nonetheless, which is the point, what it needed to do. Similarly, download Crime Fighter but get ready to manage the bad guys instead!

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