TOCA Touring Car Championship

Racing 1997 Windows 3DO Company Car simulation Rally Driving

Experience the true Touring Cars Racing championship

TOCA Touring Cars Racing is the first game in a series of arcade racing games (like Formula 1 Grand Prix 2) that pride with good quality and great playability. One of the good parts about the game is that it features all the licensed cars (not including privateers) and tracks from the 1997 British Touring Car Championship, which gives the game a real sense of reality (and for those who are familiar with the actual Championship, a sense of nostalgia). You will be driving on 11 tracks that are also modeled on tracks that actually exist in real life, and they are designed accurately and authentically. There are also two very cool bonus cars that can be unlocked, a tank (yeah, a tank xD) and a pink Cadillac, that are both very fun to drive when you feel like goofing around. The game has a pretty advanced reality module inserted, and when you crash your car, you will see the damages that were done to it, and the 3D accelerated graphics are also very nice to see, making the experience great. While the game is not top of the notch, it is a semi- serious racing game that all enthusiasts will certainly enjoy. Have fun!

Great, too bad you can't relive it.

TOCA Race driver, is a great classic arcade racing game. Very good damage physics for the time I always played this game with my cousins (i didn't have a PC at the time) with a joystick, since the damage was very nice for the time as I said before we'd always smash the cars up until we get banned from the race. The bonus cars are extremely fun and also funny to use. Especially the tank, just blasting drones out of the boundaries and the track, seeing their parts fly every where. Definitely if you have a old PC hanging around, install this and have fun, it's a must play!

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