World Wide Rally

Racing 1997 Windows Hammer Technologies Car simulation Rally Driving

Gimmicky but playable and fun... enough!

World Wide Rally is a really strange game, in that it sure looks like it's from a much earlier category of games, judging by its looks. It's a 3D game, but the way the vehicles drive and the way you are meant to react to it is very outdated. I'm not sure if that's some sort of nod to the older, on the edge of modernism games, or if it's just because the developers were under a very tight budget, but for some reason this game manages to remind me of much older games, racing games. Anyway, after you get after the initial shock of the first few races, you will find yourself immersed in a world of beautiful, sort of reminding of Outrun tracks, and you'll be able to compete against the clock, against the AI and even against other fellow humans, should you mange to fix a multiplayer game. There is a bit of that Carmageddon tomfoolery here as well, as reckless driving is encouraged by the game, but you'll soon realize that World Wide Rally doesn't pack the same level of detail that the older game had. Anyway, it's a nice oldie game, but as I said it's quite quirky, so you won't really find it a long lasting experience.

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