Torin's Passage

Adventure 1995 Dos Dosbox Sierra Humorous Cartoon Point and click Fantasy

Family friendly game from the creator of Leisure Suit Larry

While hard to imagine that Al Lowe would have had the brain to come up with a family friendly game, given that he's best known for Leisure Suit larry, Torin's Passage is exactly that: an adventure set in a wondrous world known as Strata where Torin, the protagonist, will have to face all sort of adventures and all because of a sorceress, Lycentia, has nothing better to do than capture his family. Torin is however no ordinary character, he is a prince and the good and future of the entire world rests on his shoulders. The game features simple and easy to use mechanics, as it was intended for children, so you shouldn't have any problems with the controls. In the same vein, the puzzles will be easy to jump into and to solve while the cast of characters will remind you of the Disney cartoons such as Alladin or other beloved old school ones. If you want to give your child a 90s journey through the DOS era of games, Torin's passage is one of the best adventures to embark on. This is also going to be made easy by the fact that most dialogue will be spoken and the actors do a really good job at depicting the characters.

Fresh and engaging story

Torin's Passage adventure game was magnificent, and well ahead of it's time. The story was fresh and engaging, the puzzles ranged from relatively easy to almost frustratingly difficult, and the characters were entertaining and liekable. The game's humor was far from droll, dry or incomprehensible,and players of any age could enjoy it... that is, players with taste. The only fault was that the game did end a little abruptly, but this could be viewed as an attempt to leave the rest of the story up to the player's imagination.

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