Total Soccer

Sport 1997 Windows Live Media Soccer

Another soccer game.

Total Soccer is a 1997 result of Live Media being a soccer sports game. The dynamics of this game are interesting for it's time, the pace of the game being fast. You also have 3'rd dimensional translation of the ball, it also being capable of bouncing from the ground fact remarked due to it's shadow, and I'm saying this because the whole game is played from a top-view perspective. The ball is easily tossed on the field. The game covers all of the basic soccer rules such as fault, penalty, corner, out, etc. You also have a mini-map feature to it and you can choose from lots of European soccer teams. Some of you might say it misses a team managamenet console and it does. There are various competition modes such as cups and tournaments. The graphics are smooth and the audio comprises most of the soccer-style whistle and crowd sounds although it misses the game match commenter. It has a sequel and that is Total Soccer 2000. Overall this is another soccer game of it's time and it's entertaining at it is.

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