Empire Soccer

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A good option if you're tired of Sensible Soccer

I think the developers were fiddling about with Sensible Soccer and thinking that the market was actually in need of a similar game, and if that's the philosophy behind this game, then it sure was a good one; Empire Soccer takes the camera closer to the 2D, top down square world of the game, takes the features of the players and makes them look a bit cartoonish and offers the player a simple to get into game, with simplified graphics and with an otherwise nice, all around feel. At any rate, Empire Soccer is as fun as you can expect it to be, never too hard and has the simplest 2 button for all the moves scheme of control you could wish for. There are lots of teams to choose from (world teams, not clubs) and each one is a little different than the other, so you can find the one that fits your gameplay style as you want it. I'm pretty sure there's a team to rule them all, but some like to play with their national team, for better or for worse, so that will be your choice. Play it if you love simple gameplay, no fuss action soccer games and clean, unencumbered graphics.

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