Microsoft Soccer

Sport 1996 Windows Microsoft Soccer

Very realistic soccer simulation for a 2D game

Although still a 2D game, Microsoft Soccer manages to create very believable, very tactic soccer matches. The perspective is a very tilted 2D isometric one, that allows you to sink into the game and gives you all the necessary amenities to play without issues. The small map of the entire field is also very helpful as well as the indicators of where the ball is going to fall so you can maneuver your players with ease and posses it. In terms of AI, diversity is still not that well represented but still, the computer while pretty easy to predict after a while, for a first few matches can put up quite a fight, especially if you increase the game difficulty. In terms of the game's extras, there isn't much to talk about. You get a good dozen of options to optimize your player's tactics during the game, and a screen that shows you your current line-up. The sound-scape of the game deserves a nod because it's quite nicely done, with crowd roars and nice ball interaction sounds as well. So, for 2D soccer gamers, especially those that want a more realistic but very playable game, Microsoft Soccer will surely not disappoint.

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