Action Soccer

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Slick arcade-style soccer sim

Although this little known soccer game might not have earned the same degree of fame as things like FIFA or Sensible Soccer, it is actually an enjoyable, if simple and undemanding, slice of arcade-style sports fun that should be investigated by sports fans. Players can choose to play with an extensive line-up of real world teams and clubs, each of which have their own unique qualities, with varying abilities at shooting power, speed and the like, while there is also a reasonable range of gameplay options, including friendly matches, championships, tournaments etc. A handful of other options make for nice additions, like being able to change the weather conditions, including day, night, rain and snow, to selecting your team's broad playing strategy. However, this is no management sim but instead focuses on fast and furious soccer action, with controls and gameplay that are lacking in depth but which are easy to pick up and fun to experience respectively. The game plays out in 3D isometric with cartoon-style graphics and a scrolling pitch, and while the action itself is smooth and slick, a special mention has to go to the commentary from Jonathan Pearce, whose hilarious descriptions of the on-pitch antics are often more entertaining than the game itself. Action Soccer does exactly what it says on the tin, so if you go in expecting a detailed and authentic sim and end up disappointed, you only have yourself to blame. However, if you are looking for an undemanding soccer game that provides plenty of thrills and exciting matches, this might just be what you're looking for.

Highly playable soccer game similar to Sensible Soccer

In order to achieve a great degree of playability even for those that are not big fans of soccer, Action Soccer brought in a recipe not unlike that brevetted by Sensible Soccer. That recipe translates here in a simple, few buttons type of control scheme, highly simplified game mechanics as well as a visual theme that is very cartoonish. Therefore, a game of Action Soccer plays very smoothly, is entertaining and facile to learn, but at the same time not a too deep simulation. This can be a problem for those that want a title more akin to Konami's football titles – Pro Evolution Soccer. But then again, the title is not trying to pose as something else, so if you're looking for a highly entertaining title that doesn't require a lot of fiddling and a lot of knowledge about the soccer game, this can be a game for you. Graphically, the game shines in its little world of cartoonish players and simplified mechanics, and you'd be hard pressed to find any issues with the game. Maybe the replayability value is not as high as other more serious titles, but, nevertheless, while it lasts, this game generates a lot of fun and relaxed soccer moments.

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