World Championship Boxing Manager

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A simple yet enticing boxing management game

World Championship Boxing Manager is a well designed boxing management game in which you play as a manager who has to make a name for yourself. This means that as you start the game, you won't be able to manage well known boxers, but instead you'll have to make your way up, building your career along with the careers of the boxers that you can get to sign. You can select from a number of boxers and while their initial statistics are not changeable, you can however name them however you want. Once you've put your eyes on a boxer you'll have to sign a contract with them which will include the number of matches played in a season, their rank at the end of the season and also to consider the number of matches that will be won and the number of matches that you will manage to secure from the total of matches promised. Of course, you can manage more boxers and see to their training but most of the game will be a hunt for other players and venues to pit your boxers against. Overall, the game feels more like a diverse arcade rather than a management sim, say in the same vein as Soccer Manager games, but still, the experience of playing is an interesting and satisfying one, especially if you're a fan of professional boxing.

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