Toy Story

Action 1995 Windows Black Pearl Software Cartoon Platformer

The best version of Toy Story, the game

I've tried Toy Story on the Nintendo Gameboy (the original monochrome, although I was the happy owner of the pocket edition, with the slightly larger screen and the sharper LCD matrix) and I've tried it on the NES, but the DOS version somehow escaped me. Well, my impression of the game was a pretty poor one, on both the consoles, but, for some reason, the DOS version is a bit more playable and less aggravating than the rest of the bunch. That is so because Toy Story on the DOS is both more colorful, more polished in terms of the animations (which are more detailed, there are more intermediary frames in between) and because of a few more tweaks. But otherwise this is a pretty bland game, a sidescroller with very little diversity, few things to do and with an airy, dreamy, almost, feel to the control. It's weird, I tried the game on DosBox and I kind of hoped that by tweaking the processor speed I'd get it to be a bit more responsive. Well, tough luck, it seems that the game was coded to have a delay between pressing a button to move and the actual movement itself. This issues (which makes your fingers press harder on the keyboard and just makes you tense up in a really nasty, undesirable way) along with some other inherent problems in the design (lack of actual challenges, linear levels, etc.) make this game downright boring. I can't even say that it's for kids, as it could have been if the controls were a bit better. But no, the game is plain right insufferable after a few minutes. Maybe if someone would mod it and release a version where the controls are actually working properly it would merit a go, but at this stage it's just a honey pot for frustration and tendonitis. Sorry, Toy Story, I pick Lion King any other day if I feel like cartoon inspired games is where it's at!

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