TrackMania Nations

Racing 2003 Windows Nadeo Design Tool

Best free-to-play multiplayer racer out there!

Trackmania Nations is free to download, with plenty of players around the world. Possibly even the best looking free-to-play racing game on the internet today. It's a racing game, stunt driving and creation tool rolled into one awesome engine. There is no starting grid, collisions or on track ranks... Your goal is get the fastest time possible within the round time limit, so control, balance and strategies is the key to coming out on top in world of Trackmania. Level creations are endless, you have a large stadium to build the most outrageous tracks imaginable. Share and races them friends or even the world, but only because you designed the track doesn't mean you'll come first ;). As mentioned before the creation tool is nearly endless, there are creations out there that have RPG like scenes created by the users around the world. With monsters "chasing" you and custom soundtracks. Graphics will always impress for many years this game was a benchmark test for many builds at the time, and the settings can be adjusted to your needs it will surely run on most computers with a Pentium 4. Although the detail is amazing if you have the horsepower to pull it off :D.With plenty of user content it will not disappoint. So get out there and have a race with the nations :)

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