TrackMania Power Up!

Racing 2004 Windows Digital Jesters Car and action Go Kart

Get busy driving

The Trackmania series is an interesting set of racing titles which offers the players to actually design their own tracks before racing on them. This adds a nice element of creativity to the franchise, and most of the titles are worth seeking out. Power Up! is actually a combination of the original game plus an expansion pack which offers some nice extras, so if you're curious about the series, then this is a good place to start. The base game offers you an easy to use level constructor which makes use of around three hundred different types of block to create an endless variety of course types filled with jumps, bends and so on. You earn extra blocks by completing races, while there are three different environment types to choose from, requiring different driving skills, and include desert and snow. The Power Up! expansion includes a new single player mode, adds in visible opponents during races, an enhanced replay option and throws in some more blocks alongside a few other tweaks and fixes. As a racing game which requires some imagination, this one is hard to beat. The original title is fun enough in its own right, with the main draw being the construction kit and which is pleasingly intuitive to use and which allows you to come up with some entertaining tracks. The add on includes some much appreciated new elements, notably the new blocks and the visible opponents, which make things more challenging and a whole lot more fun. All in all, if you want something a little different from the usual Need for Speed or Outrun games, this makes a fine choice.

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