Train Escape to Normandy, The

Simulation 1987 Dos Dosbox Artech World Wars

Action shooter on rails on a train

This is an adventure game as much as it is a trigger happy on rails shooter. And, when I say, on rails, I mean it in two different ways: both because of the on rail, automatic shooting gallery type shooting portions, as well as because the game is set on a train! The game's train is going to Normandy during the second world conflagration and it will offer you quite a bit of enjoyment. Surely, not intended for high profile couch historians, but definitely, for those that love shooting sequences on rail, of which the game offers a lot. Graphically, the game is a cool 8 bit styled game, with well picked out colors, not much color clashing and just the right amount of pixilation to not drive the entire experience to a halt. Yes, it's not a very long lived game, but the mechanics and the shooting would have otherwise become a bit too boring had they lasted more than they do, so, in that respect, this is a well balanced, small game. Play it if you love Duck Hunt type gameplay, but want a more serious and more diverse setting.

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