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The lighter side of Origin

In a sharp contrast to much of Origin's output (the Ultima and Wing Commander series being prime examples), this is actually a light-hearted and rather whacky 3D action/RPG game which provides some short-lived but entertaining fun. The player takes control of a young adventurer who finds himself crash landed on an alien planet and who must now simply figure out how to get off. Everything plays out in first person perspective and the player gets to explore four distinct areas, each of which has a set of characters to meet and a quest to complete. An early mission for example is to track down a jump unit which requires the player to navigate through a maze. Once missions are completed they open up new areas and new items which can help in the solving of the simple puzzles to be found here. Once you get to Iceville and discover the panel remover, you are able to restore your ship and get yourself off the planet and back home. Transland is most definitely not a game for the hardcore shooter fan but if you're looking for something which doesn't take itself too seriously, then there is much fun to be had here. The game is clearly aimed at younger audiences, with its bright vibrant visuals, pleasant environments and lack of any overt danger and it is largely successful when considered in this way. It's certainly not a game which is going to keep you entertained forever as it has a rather short running time but the neat gadgets and clear sense of humour are enough to overlook any other shortcomings. Perhaps not a classic, but an entertaining way to spend a couple of hours.

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