Callahan Crosstime Saloon

Adventure 1997 Dos Dosbox Legend Entertainment Science Fiction Humorous

Humorous adventure that makes fun of the genre tropes

It's always a tight rope balancing act to produce an (adventure) game that is filled with humor and have it still resist the test of time. The problem is that some of the jokes and the fun made at the expense of games will require a lot of games to have been played by the one experiencing the product. Also, time is not gentle on references to older pop culture, so, in a sense, it almost never pays to produce such a game. But, what Callahan Crosstime Saloon does is make fun of very obvious tropes, such as dumb orcs, dead zombies that are somehow still alive and hungry and other characters that we never second guess in games. At any rate, the way the game builds this fun making factory is by means of envisioning an Earth that is an intergalactic zoo, as in such productions as in the famed novel A hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. Interaction wise, the game plays as a point and click adventure, and you will also be treated with good amounts of puzzles along with the spoken dialogues and the choices you make at that level. Very entertaining premise, a delivery that doesn't feel dated and simple and effective mechanics make this game very enjoyable and easily playable to this day. If you love adventures do give this one a try, it sure is unique and worth the time investment.

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