Strategy 1990 Dos Dosbox Starbyte Software Business

Average but exciting business theme

It is a business simulation and management game which involves all the elements of making strategic business decisions. You will be playing as a young businessman who need to be making his business empire by trading and implementing a lot of strategic decisions. You will trade a variety of different items that involve food items and vehicles and will have to analyze the market situation and the demand and supply forces to make profit. The game also involves investing in the stock exchange for which you have to follow the trends and invest in the right shares. Every move or trade activity that you make in the game will have an instant impact on your fortunes and will make you go up or down. Another interesting aspect in the game is that you need to control to control the stress levels as well because too much stress will make you ill and this will ultimately impact the business that you are running. Your progress is evaluated from three perspectives that includes trade relations, prestige and business relations and you need to be good in all these three categories to win the game. The game is also good in terms of the graphics and the UI is brilliant. You should also catch on Big Business for an exciting business game.

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