Action 2006 Windows Darklegion Development Shooter Aliens invasion

First person shooter, arena like, well produced

I guess the fact that this game never truly got any press or got much recognition is because it presented a very old (even if still lots of fun) recipe, the one presented by the olde Quake games in an era much before first person games were as widely extravagant and covering so much more territory than the ones of the past. So, at any rate, Tremulous offers you the ability to engage in bot fights as well as in fights with humans, in a number of arenas that look a bit too much like the olden days Quake maps. But, don't get me wrong I don't find fault in that, quite on the contrary, I find it such a truly exciting premise, a collation of elements that is great to see resurfaced. Sure enough though, while the pas are alright, the same can't be said with the same fairness about the gameplay. Mainly the mechanical portions of it: the animations, the way the game puts you in there, allowing you to sink into it and the feel of the battles. I wish the game didn't feel as sloppy and it could have been fixed had it been a bit faster and a bit clearer and better polished. So, yeah, sure, give it a go, but expect no more than a treat that will have to be based on your previous love of Quake.

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