Duke it out in D.C.

Action 1997 Dos Dosbox WizardWorks Shooter Aliens invasion

A generous addon for Duke 3D!

Duke it out in D.C. is an addon pack for the best game in the Duke Nukem 3D franchise, which is both a great addition in terms of playable content as well as a great addon in terms of updating the graphics, and giving the game a more serious, more satisfying look. So, overall, Duke it out in D.C. means more interior spaces, more guns, more in terms of storytelling and also more in terms of looks. The textures are crisper, much better looking than in the original, which I really enjoyed. Yes, DN3 looked alright, but it showed its age; this addon really took the game to another era, having been released in 97. I'd dare say it's probably one of the best looking 3D games of its era. So, there are 9 levels all in all and, to play, get Duke Nukem Atomic Edition and install over that one. You'll have a great experience, like you wouldn't believe. Furthermore, you are going to go on a shooting spree to save the president, so that's no small thing either! So go ahead, play it, you'll love it, it will certainly not disappoint.

A must have expansion pack

When a game is that good and fans can't wait for more official additions, they create their own. And here we are, with Duke it out in D.C. This is a great expansion set from the phenomenal shooter legend Duke Nukem, now with ten new levels. Aliens have succeeded in taking over the nation's capital, Washington D.C., and who else is going to wipe them out from our planet and save the President of the USA but the macho man hero Duke who we all love? In this game you'll experience Duke blasting his way in front of the White House and the Lincoln Memorial, among other places in D.C. The difference between this game and the standard Duke is that the level are a lot bigger and more complex, which I consider a great thing. Fans will love the fact that the game has returned to its roots in terms of artillery and gameplay, so it's like playing the old Duke, only in a different environment. The game looks and sound exactly like the original, which is actually a great thing. With expansions like this, we can be safe with the thought that Duke Nukem will rule the action gaming world for a long, long time to come, along with his brother Doom.

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