Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Dima Pavlovski Arcade style Puzzle based

Puzzles and action minigames bundle; not well done enough

Troika is a bundle of minigames, of which, half of them are simple action games, and the other half are just as simple but more puzzle inclined ones. As is the case, most of the time with these bundles, some of the games are simply abysmal; in a way that's the curse of these bundles, that they are produced to get game ideas, or games that were just not that well thought out, yet the developers still wanted to monetize them. The one game in the bundle that doesn't really suffer from the same dumbing down effects of the rest is this Metal hearts, a sort of matching of tiles (in this case gems) game, but without flaws, which cannot be said of the rest. Other than that, some of the action game are mini reflex base button mashers, while the other puzzles are very sketchy versions of popular board game puzzles, which makes them all rather unappealing and unfortunate. So, with that said, Troika should only be downloaded for this one match the gems game, but, that one only game doesn't really offer you so much that it can be considered some sort of must play. Besides you can download a Bejeweled game without having to carry all the other crappy games around, so much better an option.

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