Kwik Snax

Action 1990 Dos Dosbox Codemasters Cartoon Arcade style

Dizzy inspired, but a purebred arcade puzzler

This game is partitioned in a number of islands, where your Dizzy will have to arrange a number of falling items that are spread on the screen. The puzzles take cues from classic tile arranging puzzles and from some other games of the kind. Not at all a hard game, quite on the contrary, an easy but at times demanding one. However, it's all about the experience as each island is different than the last one. An island is represented by a background image and by a specific item you will have to collect. More I think about it, Kwik Snax is like a Dizzy Tetris, so, that is whom it might entice the most, arcade puzzle players that want an immediately playable toy like production, with lots of elements to keep the party going. Unfortunately, this is not the most replayable game out there. It's short lived and easy, so it's going to be the kind of thing you play once and, then, maybe, if you remember it, go for a spin again. But for Dizzy fans it sure is a great production. Have it nearby and then also consider Dizzy Bubble Dizzy, for another great arcade puzzler.

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