Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction

Simulation 2001 Windows BBC Design Tool Unconventional Futuristic

Let the battle commence!

This is the first in a pair of games, the other being Extreme Destruction, that is based on the TV show where mad geeks built crazy robotic monsters then pitted them against other similarly minded individuals in a battle to the death. It was a pretty entertaining show and seems like a good fit for a game, but like its inspiration, it gets quite dull after a short time and is perhaps only really suited to true robot-heads. This follows the template laid down by the show quite closely, and allows you to create your own robot from a set of parts and weapons, before unleashing it in the arena. There are a number of different competitions to choose from, like Capture the Flag, Mad Bomber, and classic deathmatch, while there's also several different arenas to fight in, including the original UK one, plus new ones such as North Sea Oilrig and Steelworks. The game also features some of the stars of the show, such as Chaos 2 and Razer, so you can pit your own creations against these legends to see how they fare, or face off against your chums to recreate famous battles from the show. For a while at least, Robot Wars is quite enjoyable. The creation side of things is interesting, and you can come up with some cool beasts armed to the teeth with deadly weaponry. The few first battles are enjoyable too, with the same sort of intense lunacy as seen in the show, and which is helped by the variety of arenas and the slick visuals. However, you soon realize that there's not much variation in the gameplay and it all becomes a bit repetitive and lacking in outright fun. It makes for a good, short blast with your mates, but not much beyond that.

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