Tunguska: Legend of Faith

Action 1998 Windows Project Two Interactive Oriental Medieval

Action adventure in a medieval setting

Tunguska: Legend of Faith doesn't concern itself with the meteor of Tunguska, the incident that spawned an entire mythology and a world of speculation. Instead it is a 3rd person fixed camera type adventure that will ask you to uncover a secret that has more to do with religion than with anything else. The game consists of two different modes of interaction. On one hand you have the world navigation and fighting, quite clunky really, on one hand due to the camera positioning itself where the developers thought it would look more cinematic, and, secondly, a clue and classic adventure game mode that will see you inter acting with static screens, via a mouse cursor. Now, while some of these puzzles will require you to combine items you find on your way, that is not too often the case. Instead these static rooms are more logic or trial and error puzzles that will keep you twisting levers, looking for an area that is interactible with and so on. So, think of this game as a combination of Myst gameplay within these locked screens and the fixed camera 3rd persona feel of the much denser and more carefully crafted Prince of Persia: the sands of Time. The main issue of the game, as I come to see it is that it just doesn't have enough polish or originality, but it is definitely not a bad one, just a rough around the edges type deal.

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