Turbo Champions

Racing 1989 Dos Dosbox Mastertronic Rally Arcade style

Hit the gas

With a name like Turbo Champions, this game could only really be one thing: yes, an old-school racer. And true to expectations, it doesn't disappoint or provide anything which you couldn't guess just from its title. There's nothing particularly wrong with the game, and if you're a fan of driving titles like Outrun and Power Drift, then this should prove to be a perfectly serviceable stand-in for when you fancy a change. As the game is almost entirely lacking in originality, you can pretty much predict everything you're going to find here, but here's a quick rundown to check off and see how much you got right. You have a hot (and very red) sportscar to take control of and the goal of the game is simply to race it around a series of twisty turny courses, while taking on the clock and other racers in order to prove who's the best. There are all the obligatory obstacles, like slow moving trucks, barriers and so on but in the game's sole spark of innovation, there is also a rather neat level editor, where you can put together your own tracks and see how you and your friends fare on them. Turbo Champions certainly isn't a classic but in terms of what it offers, it does a pretty decent job. There's a good sense of speed and while the game isn't exactly overburdened with realism, there's no denying that sliding and drifting around corners like Vin Diesel on a bad day is a whole lot of fun. Throw into the mix some cool old-school graphics, plenty of screeching tires and some nicely designed courses, and you have all the makings of a good time.

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