In the Dead of Night

Adventure 1994 Dos Dosbox Trecision S.p.A. Mystery First person

Loved the adventure element in it

This first person adventure game is unfortunately not known to many because it failed to make an impact. However adventure games like this one have a very interesting element of mystery which is good enough to cater your attraction. Here you being a private investigator have been paid out for stealing a gem from an actress. The plot though looks to be very simple but the task is quite tough and indulging as you will have to go through various phases and have to use your skills to the fullest. The characters in the game are very interesting and believable and have their distinct personalities and stories. The game involves variety of different puzzles and every puzzle has a key to it in the form of some character or some items that you need to collect. The game is quite atmospheric and keeps you involved throughout the course. It can be easily termed as a good adventure game. In terms of the graphics, it has to offer a good combination of colors and background images and the UI features some very interactive traits which makes the game very easy to play. Adventure games involving mystery and puzzle like Crime City and the one we are discussing are really inviting.

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