Ween: the Prophecy

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Coktel Vision First person

Fulfill a prophecy in 3 days time!

Ween: the Prophecy is a very well polished, well produced, and always exciting role playing game, very much action oriented, and a totally playable experience, built on a revamped and updated engine similar to that of the Golden Box era games. In it, your goal is to fulfill a prophecy in the course of no more than 3 days. Gameplay wise this translates into three quests, and, more or less, this is a plethora of puzzles, and other mini assignments, which you have to tackle at your own expense, as it were, since all of them necessitate time, and might take you away from the main quests. So, overall, plays really beautifully, and is always packed full of action. Graphically, Ween: the Prophecy is pretty well produced too, with cool graphics, and with scenarios that truly shine, and give you the opportunity to really get things done in a good, orderly fashion. One very similar game series to this one is the Gobliins series however the RPG elements are more in your face in Ween, so, when you want a proper quest with lots of additional gameplay, Ween is the better option, by far. So give it a try, it won't disappoint.

Brace yourselves, hard puzzles are comming

The continual of Cocktel's Gremlin, this fantastic game is original, cute, witty, and it's a lot of fun. Mostly about puzzles, this game follows our pal Ween sent on an adventure by a wacky wizard to get three grains of sand and to put them in a magical hourglass to destroy the evil wizard Kraal. On your magical path there are a lot of mindboggling puzzles that can be a great challenge to all but the most ferocious of puzzle fans. The hard puzzles can be a plus or a minus, it depends on what level of difficulty you want in a game. If you're more for the easier ones, go look somewhere else, like Myst or something like that. Also, if you're not familiar with the Cocktel's Gremlin series, you can feel a bit lost. But not to worry, you'll get around it pretty soon. The game has a simple point and click style gaming, with a simple interface. The graphics are really nice, all cartoonish and in very nice colors. The sounds are computer generated ones, but they still seem to look good. What I like about this game are the quirky, funny characters and the interesting plot full of fantasy and magic, which are my two favorite things in a game. To me, the game if perfect, but as I said before, the game puts quite a challenge to the player, so don't try it if you're not really determined and ready to put your gray cells to some really hard work.

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