Western Front

Strategy 1991 Dos Dosbox SSI World Wars

Sequel to Second Front and a serious wargame

The clash between Nazi Germany and the Allies, captured between 44 and 45 is the meat of this game, what the main campaign focuses on. As in every hex based wargame your task is simple: make sure your supply routes can receive the provisions you require, make sure you gain positional advantages over your enemy, whenever possible, to maximize their victim counts and to minimize yours, make sure you deploy your armies smartly, so you can cover as much ground as possible, without spreading your armies too thin, etc., etc.! Yeah, it's not a simple game, I rused you there, hehe. Well, the fact of the matter is that the campaign is a bit fragmented in this game, though not because of bad design, but because of the historical realities the game wants to recreate, so be prepared for a lot of waiting, for a lot of smart tactical displays and, maybe, make a few moves based on luck alone. Other than that, this is not the most polished wargame ever, though for its time it is graphically palatable, and with a fraction better controls. My alternative to this one is, of course Second Front, but you could also try a much more contained wargame, Operation Market Garden, which has a smaller but fiercer campaign. Though all there will offer passionate wargamers a run for their time.

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