UEFA Champions League 98/99

Sport 1999 Windows Eidos Soccer

A hefty game, 16 teams plus an international roaster

The game is pretty much dedicated to the 98 and 99 Champions League competitions, holding a roaster of about 16 teams, along with national teams encompassing 32 teams. Graphically this is a game that is on par with its older sibling, the 97 edition, though it adds a bit more graphical heft, especially in terms of close camera detail works, so that your players look a bit better than usually. Therefore, UEFA Champions League 98/99 is a nice, alright game, for all those looking to relive the championship of that period. It does a great job at that, a job that sure is worth its weight in gold, but, nonetheless, UEFA Champions League 98/99 is the kind of game you'd want to have in your collection, especially if you love the modern era of soccer action games. The AI is pretty decent, the interaction and the response time of the game is pretty spot on, and, thus, you're bound to find the game pretty satisfying thought. Later titles will of course take the recipe towards better and better graphics, but gameplay wise, UEFA Champions League 98/99 stacks pretty well even against modern day titles.

Poor man's version of FIFA

UEFA Champions League 98/99 is a soccer videogame developed by Eidos. UEFA Champions League is a poorly developed attempt at creating a game that simulates the great championship between Europe's greatest soccer teams, while FIFA offered a lot more variety and content. The number one problem with UEFA is that it's clunky and it looks stupid. The players play like their puppets hold on string and the controls and physics in the game are quite terrible. If you look at FIFA 98, you might see the differnce between these two games. The graphics of UEFA are average and so is the sound. If you ever have a possibility to choose to play a soccer videogame which simulates a championship during '98-'99, you should put UEFA Champions Leage 98/99 game in the list of game that you SHOULD AVOID.

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